The Company

ELEVI Assocatiates is an IT Business Enabler, who integrates leading-edge technology into the everyday operations of organizations.

Current Hiring Needs

Candidates with Full-Scope Polygraphs and Niche Skill Sets

The Challenge

Today's ultra-competitive cleared hiring market means fewer qualified applicants for every position. The government is also demanding more niche skill sets, so it's difficult to find a candidate who meets the requirements.

How The Cleared Network Helps

Earlier this year, ClearanceJobs introduced IntelliSearch, a cutting-edge search tool that eliminates the need for Booleans. You can cut and paste a job description or an entire resume - and IntelliSearch delivers the best candidates, directly to your inbox.

"It's way easier to cut and paste, and you get a better search, with more candidates," said Phyllis Puccio, senior technical resource strategist wtih ELEVI Associates. "And I like how [IntelliSearch] puts in the percentage of how much they meet the req."