The Company

Innovative Analytics & Training (IAT) is a Washington, D.C. based professional services firm.

current hiring needs

Technical candidates with Full-Scope Polygraphs.

The Challenge

As a small business, they don't have name recognition in the cleared community. That can make it harder to attract security-conscious candidates.

How The Cleared Network Helps

OPM Breach, Edward Snowden, Insider Threat Awareness Training - the current clearance candidate pool is more aware than ever of hte unreliability of the web. That can make them gun-shy about applying to just any job, via any site. That's why posting jobs and having a company profile on The Cleared Netwrk is so important.

"It does add to our reputability, for sure," said Calli Catbush, talent acquisition specialist at Innovative Analytics & Training. "If you've never heard of this company before, it adds that piece of mind, I think."

Catbush found her job with IAT through ClearanceJobs - so she has experience using the site as both a candidate and as a recruiter. She said in both cases, she found the search capability with ClearanceJobs to be better than other job boards.

"It's where we go [as a company], and also where we search," said Catbush. "It's my go-to site."

And while Catbush uses other social recruiting tools, she's noticed ClearanceJobs is their primary tool for attracting prospective candidates.

"Overall, candidates find us through ClearanceJobs," she said.