The Company

Smartronix is an information technology and engineering solutions provider headquartered in Maryland.

The Challenge

Ninety percent of the jobs at Smartronix require a security clearance. On other job boards it is impossible to tell if a candidate has a clearance. On social media sites, cleared talent rarely discloses their clearance.

How The Cleared Network Helps

“The Cleared Network is different, because it gives you the opportunity to have direct conversations with job seekers,” said Maria Stockli, recruiter at Smartronix. “Unlike social networking sites, where candidates are passive and often unresponsive, or Monster, where you don’t have the ability to communicate.”

Stockli uses groups and broadcast messages to reach candidates.

“I can specifically reach out to individuals who are willing to relocate to D.C.,” said Stockli. “It allows me to reach anyone, nationwide, who wants to be in a specific location. When I see that a candidate has joined five or more groups, I know they’re an active job seeker, and more open to learning about new opportunities,” said Stockli.

The chat function on the Cleared Network is another time-saver.

“When I see a candidate is online, I’ll send them a message to see if they’re available for a phone call - and if they’re online on the Network, they generally are,” said Stockli.

With so many groups, messaging features and resources for contacting candidates, records-keeping can become a headache. Not on the Cleared Network.

“My favorite feature on ClearanceJobs is that it ‘remembers’ who I’ve talked to - even two years ago,” said Stockli. “It shows me that I reached out to this person in 2011 for a specific job. We don’t always have the ability to remember what candidates we’ve talked to years ago. With the Cleared Network, it remembers for you.”