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Case Studies

Partner With ClearanceJobs


...they come to us for information, they come to us for knowledge. MEGAN CONROY VP OF SALES, CLEARANCEJOBS

The Challenge

You want to work with a company who cares about the mission as much as you do.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

ClearanceJobs is more than a networking site or career marketplace – it’s a team of professionals dedicated to helping advance national security careers and assist cleared companies with one of their most vital missions. It’s the reason customers frequently say the relationships they’ve built extend far beyond a traditional customer/vendor.

“I love the partnerships we build with our clients and partners. They come to us for more than just sales, they come to us for information, they come to us for knowledge,” said Megan Conroy, Regional Vice President for Sales at ClearanceJobs. “We work together to find the best approach, and that includes ClearanceJobs, but that also includes other things because there needs to be an entire strategy around what they’re trying to accomplish.”

Across the national security space today it is common for leaders to cite staffing as their number one challenge. Because of the tight competition in the market, recruiting is more difficult than ever – but ClearanceJobs is here to help.

“We listen to their problems, we find solutions,” notes Conroy. “We know our space really, really well, and they see that when we’re talking to them, and so they start to build trust with us, that really goes a long way.”

Solutions extend beyond just a company profile and resume search. ClearanceJobs can build a portfolio of solutions designed to meet a company’s unique needs, including career fairs, a sourcing concierge solution that hand-delivers candidates, virtual and in-person events, video profiles and content marketing, and much, much more.

“The team that we have, from marketing, editorial, development, leadership, sales, and from our customer success team – we’re one team, and we really want our clients to be successful in the products they’re purchasing from us,” said Conroy. “We want them to come to us for help, so we can assist them in this crazy security clearance world we live in.”