A ClearanceJobs account representative will be in contact with you soon to arrange for a demonstration of ClearanceJobs.com. If your hiring need is urgent you can reach us immediately at 1.800.947.3561.

Can you keep a secret? ClearanceJobs.com is the only online career resource that combines the efficiencies of a traditional job board, with the engagement of a full professional network on our social recruiting platform The Cleared Network. Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are full of uncleared, non-US citizens. The Cleared Network offers the power of social networking, but within the niche confines of the largest pool of cleared professionals available anywhere.

Best of all, The Cleared Network is 100% free and included with your ClearanceJobs subscription.

We look forward to talking with you soon to figure out how ClearanceJobs can assist you with your cleared hiring needs.