OFCCP Product Functionality

There are two areas in which ClearanceJobs will collect additional data: Resume Searching and Job Posting Applicants. Our product will help you comply with OFCCP requirements.



  • Keeping records of resume searches and job postings
  • Ability to designate an OFCCP reference number and OFCCP basic qualifications for each position
  • Modified summary search results so that the candidate name is not displayed on the resume search results page
  • Storage of the candidate’s email address, the job number applied to, and the ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status data for at least two years
  • Storage of all resumes viewed along with the date, search criteria used, OFCCP reference number and OFCCP basic qualifications
  • Data will be available in multiple formats upon request

OFCCP Product Functionality

    • To see a detailed account of ClearanceJobs OFCCP product functionality, visit here.

OFCCP Resources

There are additional fees associated with the ClearanceJobs OFCCP product. Please contact your sales representative or call 866.302.7264 for pricing information.