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ClearanceJobs: Constantly Evolving

Not long ago, the world of security-cleared recruiting painted a much rosier picture than it does now. Thankfully, ClearanceJobs has changed with the times. With ClearanceJobs, you'll get a full cleared talent marketplace, with the tools and formula you need to succeed.


ClearanceJobs is relentless in our quest to provide the best possible experience to both our recruiters and candidates. The cleared industry is always changing and we know that the ClearanceJobs marketplace must change right along with it.

Each year, we spend millions to attract and register the most cleared talent than any other site. With ClearanceJobs, you'll find a marketplace packed with cleared talent, plus the most innovative tools and features to make your job easier.

At ClearanceJobs, we are continuously investing in our platform to provide industry-leading tools to help recruiters find, engage, and hire security-cleared professionals. Our goal is to always lead in innovation and performance in the cleared space. Below you will find the latest enhancements to ClearanceJobs.


Shared Talent Pipelines

Future hiring needs are always top of mind, so ClearanceJobs introduced Shared Tags, allowing your team to collaborate instantly and build pipelines together.



95% more content is retained through videos, where only 5% is retained through text. ClearanceJobs launched video capability on profiles and in messaging, boosting your communication power.



Save time by syncing your calendar with ClearanceJobs Meetings. Then, extend meeting invitations to candidates so they can view your availability and select a time slot that works for both of you.



Power up your recruiting by using Workflow, which operates on the “If/Then” principle – IF you do [this], THEN [this] will happen. Recruiting automation, simplified.



Favorites helps you engage with highly-coveted candidates before your competitors. Prioritize candidates by adding them as a Favorite, which adds them to your screen and notifies you when they become active.


Resume Alert Enhancements

In an effort to streamline your alerts, we've added the ability to create an IntelliSearch Resume Alert when a job is manually posted.


Remote + Telecommute

With the ever-changing climate, ClearanceJobs saw the need to not only allow candidates to select their remote/telecommute preferences for recruiters to view, but also for job postings to include that information for candidates.



Information is power, which is why Dashboard was born. Discover how your employer profile and network is performing, and gain insights to level up your recruiting strategy.


Advanced Job Search

With more demand for cleared professionals, we see a lot of jobs on ClearanceJobs. To help candidates find the jobs they are looking for, we launched Advanced Job Search.


Enhanced Reporting

Since the launch of ClearanceJobs Next Generation, we have re-designed reporting for recruiters from top to bottom, to bring you all the information you need - right at your fingertips.



The new candidate experience starts with Pulse. When a cleared professional logs in, they immediately see their Pulse newsfeed - which is compiled of updates from employers they are connected with.


Next Generation

ClearanceJobs Next Generation was a top-to-bottom, complete overhaul of the ClearanceJobs platform and brand. We can proudly say we have achieved our goal of helping recruiters source and engage cleared talent quickly through this brand-new site.



Connect instantly with cleared candidates with Voice, and get ahead of your competitors. Easily talk to candidates that are logged in to ClearanceJobs - and actively thinking about their career.



ClearanceJobs launched IntelliSearch over five years ago, and has been perfecting the patent-pending technology since. IntelliSearch uses machine learning to make your searches fast and simple.


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