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Candidate Testimonials

ClearanceJobs has received excellent feedback from our candidates for years. We love that we can help put veterans and cleared professionals to work, and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Matt Storms Movement Control Manager, Afghanistan
I’m extremely grateful that ClearanceJobs is here because I’ve found two great jobs that propelled my career forward and kept a roof over my young family. When I transitioned out of the Marine Corps, ClearanceJobs was the only place where cleared professionals could stand out from the crowd and expressly find cleared positions. I think it’s still the best place to find cleared work and does a great job of making that whole market its own. My family is forever grateful for the jobs that propelled my career that we never would have found without you.

I retired from the military in 2015, and during my three months of terminal leave, I started putting up applications everywhere. Then a friend told me about ClearanceJobs, so I completed my profile there. The next day I got a call from All Native Group about a position at NASA-Goddard. I had my interview Thursday and got a call Friday – they wanted me to start Monday. It was my first job out of the military. Out of all the places I put my resume or applied, ClearanceJobs was the only career site mentioned by name by recruiters. The proof is in the pudding – and that’s why I keep my profile active.
Justin DeVantier Human Resources Manager

I recently retired from the military and a friend told me, ‘You’re gonna get hired – just pop your resume on ClearanceJobs.’ So, I woke up at 4:30 AM on a Saturday and uploaded my resume and built my profile. By 9 AM I had three recruiters reach out about jobs that were a good fit – I was really impressed by the quality of the interaction. All of the recruiters mentioned ClearanceJobs by name, and told me why they thought my skills were a great fit. I had my next interview lined up within a week.
Tommy Butler Intelligence Community Project Manager
I was found and recruited for my last few jobs because of ClearanceJobs. It’s very user friendly and allows for quick changes to my profile. Steve Intelligence Analyst
I got a job offer with 6k Systems within hours of applying through clearancejobs.com, and am now in the "pipeline," waiting for an opening. Matthew
I tried for months to find jobs on other sites when I got out of the Army, and I couldn't get a response back. I went to ClearanceJobs, applied to five jobs my first day on the site, and got three hits back in less than 24 hours! Kathryn Army Vet, Intelligence Analyst
I couldn't believe it. Within 1 hour of putting my resume on ClearanceJobs I was contacted by no less than 3 employers one of which led to a great offer. I never got that kind of response on any other career site. Sarah
I created a ClearanceJobs profile and about a month later I was contacted by Integrity Management Consulting, which had an immediate fill requirement. Integrity turned out to be a perfect fit for me. Scott Sr. Financial Manager
ClearanceJobs connected me with several employers that helped map my career trajectory! Using ClearanceJobs, I was able to search for the opportunity that was best for me and my growing family. Josh
I wanted to thank you! From your recruiting me and sending my information and resume to STARGATES, I landed a job! STARGATES offered me the position this past week and I accepted it. Thank you so much for your help! I am very grateful and appreciative! ClearanceJobs definitely came through for me! It is an excellent source of network, information, and opportunities! Cynthia Candidate hired through Sourcing Services
I have been offered and accepted a job through this site; this has put me on the path that I have been trying to get on for quite some time. Daryl
I have been to multiple job fairs and put my resume on at least six other job boards and yet ClearanceJobs consistently is the source of my best leads. Steve Intelligence Analyst

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