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Having your top candidates in constant view can be the difference in making a hire or losing them to your competition.

Your Mission: Take action on a favorite candidate before your competition can.

Our Mission: Provide tools that allow for faster, real-time communication so you can work smarter, not harder.

Favorites is the first step to securing your chance of engaging with your highly-coveted candidates before competitors do.

Prioritize top candidates by marking them as a “Favorite.” Doing so moves their profile photo to the right of your screen at all times when logged into ClearanceJobs. Once a candidate logs in, their image will brighten, a green dot appears, and you’ll hear a chime that notifies you of their arrival. From there, you can choose to send a direct message or initiate a Voice call.

In this competitive marketplace, minutes matter. Being moments later than someone else could mean the difference between hiring your Favorite candidate or losing them to another company.

Tired of missing candidates when they switch from passive to active? Capture highly sought-after candidates by reaching out to them at the perfect time.
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