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Ready to engage passive candidates? Connect through Live, an online livestreaming platform designed exclusively for the cleared community.

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Your Mission: Engage in valuable conversations and connect with security-cleared candidates.

Our Mission: Provide a state-of-the-art digital experience that allows for impactful engagement.

Introducing Live, the cutting-edge online platform designed for security-cleared employers and candidates. Experience the power of unlimited livestreamed events that supercharge your recruitment efforts, captivate passive candidates, and foster trust. With its unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of event types, seamless integration of chat and Q&A features, branding options, and effortless content sharing capabilities - Live is your ultimate tool to effectively engage candidates in today's incredibly competitive labor market.


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23% of global viewing time is spent watching live video content Brainy Insights, 2023
Twitch has 30 million daily visitors who watch a total 71 million hours every day Twitch Advertising, 2023
88% of marketers believe live streaming is an effective marketing tool Onestream, 2024
Ready to power-up your recruiting? Unlock a new level of connection and engagement with ClearanceJobs Live.
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Live is an online platform for security-cleared employers and candidates, enabling unlimited livestreamed events to enhance recruitment, engage passive candidates, and build trust. It offers flexibility for various event types, integrated chat and Q&A, branding, and content sharing to engage candidates effectively in a competitive labor market.

There are no limits to the type of Streams you can host. You can run a hiring event, a book club, a Q&A session, an interview with a teammate or executive, or an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event. Your imagination is your only limitation! Check out more examples and use cases here.

With 92% of cleared candidates already employed, recruiters’ top pain point has been getting these passive candidates to simply engage. Live streaming video is hands-down the most popular and engaging digital content delivery method, so Live is a natural extension of our movement into more community features on the site.

Subscribed recruiters can create unlimited Live streaming events, invite candidates to attend, and run the live stream themselves in a self-service manner. During the stream, various engagement tools are available, including Q&A, live chat, advertising, and links. Candidate attendees can consume the Stream both live as it occurs, and/or after the Stream.

Yes - during setup, simply select a start time a minute in the future and your Stream will begin in 60 seconds.

For our first version of Live, you can invite up to five Co-Hosts to help you facilitate your Stream. Co-Hosts can engage with candidates during the Stream via the chat and Q&A tools attached to your Stream.

There are no limits to how far in the future you can have a hosted Stream. Set up a Stream for later this week, later this month, or later this year. The choice is up to the Host.

Yes - The Stream Card includes complete details on the event. Included on the Stream Card is a banner for branding purposes. In addition, a second banner ad spot is available which is seen during and after the Stream and can be directed to the URL of your choice.

Any desktop or laptop computer, a webcam, and a microphone will work. Most laptop computers now include both webcams and microphones. For best audio, Hosts should utilize earbuds or a headset microphone. Live works best on Google Chrome or Firefox.

The better your internet connection, the smoother the video will be for attendees. Close any applications running on your computer that consume internet bandwidth. If you will be on camera, ensure adequate lighting. Eliminate background noise and speak clearly. Read our Live Best Practices guide for more tips on hosting the best Stream possible.

Research has proven that live streaming viewers actually prefer scrappy presentations from real people that is unscripted. You can surely prepare for your Stream by jotting down an outline and key points you want to convey, but there’s no need to write a script. Keeping your Stream informal, heartfelt, relatable, authentic, and “real” is the best way to engage candidates.

Using existing features on ClearanceJobs, Hosts can spread the word to our cleared community about their upcoming Streams. First, create a Status Update discussing the Stream and link to the event on ClearanceJobs. Pinning the Status Update will ensure it retains top visibility. Next, create and send a Broadcast Message to ideal candidate attendees promoting the Stream. Include a link to the event along with engaging text and a photo. Another idea is to create a Cover Photo on your Recruiter Profile that points to your upcoming Stream. Using free, web browser-based design tools like Canva, you can quickly and easily create engaging Cover Photos and link them to your Stream.

You can take the link to the Stream and share it outside ClearanceJobs. Note that anyone wanting to attend your Stream must have an active ClearanceJobs candidate account. Lastly, send Direct Messages to targeted candidates on ClearanceJobs inviting them to your Stream. Personalized direct communications with candidates show them you are ready to engage.

There’s great value in engaging our community of cleared professionals - even if you don’t make a hire. For employers of all sizes, it’s smart to generate awareness of your company, work to gain visibility over your competitors, and promote your brand. Additionally, since security-cleared candidates are naturally security-conscious, allowing them to engage directly with the people responsible for hiring builds immense trust that can help convert passive talent.

That’s okay! Once complete, your Stream is saved in our library of recruiter content that’s available to all cleared candidates in our community in an ongoing basis. This “evergreen” content continues to work to build value to your employment brand, long after your live event has completed.

Learn more about how LIVE works by visiting our support site.