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Managing OFCCP compliance? Keep it simple. ClearanceJobs provides tools and reporting to make it easier for government contractors and subcontractors to comply with OFCCP guidelines and rules regarding online applicants.

Your Mission: Maintain OFCCP compliant recruiting practices.

Our Mission: Provide you the resources to do so.

OFCCP compliance applies to federal contractors with more than $10,000 in government business. As a baseline, it requires federal contractors to take affirmative action to hire qualified veterans, disabled workers and minorities.

The ClearanceJobs platform has built-in OFCCP functionality to help you ensure your facility is in compliance.


There are two areas where ClearanceJobs collects additional data: Resume Searching and Job Posting Applications. Our product will help you comply with OFCCP requirements by:
  • Keeping records of resume searches and job postings;
  • Offering the ability to designate an OFCCP reference number and OFCCP basic qualifications for each position;
  • Modifying summary search results so that the candidate name is not displayed on the resume search results page;
  • Storing the candidate’s email address, the job number applied to, and the ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status data for at least two years;
  • Storing all resumes viewed along with the date, search criteria used, OFCCP reference number and OFCCP basic qualifications; and
  • Providing data in multiple formats upon request.
Resume Searching
On resume searches, OFCCP regulations require government contractors to keep track of the following:
  • The position for which each search was conducted
  • The date of the search
  • The substantive search criteria used
  • A copy of the resume of any candidate who was considered
Job Applications

For job applications, OFCCP regulations require federal contractors to keep track of applicant ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status.


Our features make it easy for government contractors and subcontractors to comply with the rules.

OFCCP Record Keeping Fields
When conducting resume searches, whether IntelliSearch or Boolean, select “Show OFCCP Details.”




Then the OFCCP record keeping fields will display. This is where you'll enter the OFCCP reference ID, position searching for, and qualifications.

Enter the rest of your search criteria and conduct searches as normal.




Display of Resume Search Results
Search results will be displayed as they normally are when conducting resume searches, with one exception. The candidate name and profile photo will not be displayed on the search results page. Instead, they will be labeled as “Candidate (Member Number).”




The rest of the detailed search results will be displayed as usual including location, title, date profile updated, clearance level, years of experience, and willingness to relocate.

Once you view specific candidates, you’ll see their entire resume and profile information, including their name.

Storage of Resumes Viewed
ClearanceJobs appends the reference ID, qualifications, date, and search criteria to the stored resume record. You can view these resume snapshots any time through the OFCCP Reports, found under Dashboards, then Reports. All data will be stored for at least two years.




Saved Searches
To ensure saved searches contain OFCCP reference ID and qualifications, complete a resume search, assigning the OFCCP reference ID and qualifications as normal, and save and name your search.

When you go back to the saved search, or receive the saved searches email, candidate names will not be displayed in the search results. Once you view the profile, you’ll see their complete profile information, including their name.

ClearanceJobs will store a record for each resume viewed in any OFCCP search for two years, including:
  • OFCCP reference ID and qualifications
  • Date and time search conducted
  • Search criteria used
  • Candidate-supplied information on ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status*

ClearanceJobs provides this data to you upon request if you need it for OFCCP compliance, however, it cannot be retroactively generated.

Job Posting Applicants
To ensure you’re collecting applicant ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status, you can either send applicants directly to your ATS (provided your company’s online career section is OFCCP compliant) or receive applications via the ClearanceJobs.com website or email.




If your online career section is OFCCP compliant and you’d like to use your own ATS, when posting jobs select “Via URL” and point candidates to your online career section.

If your site is not OFCCP compliant, have candidates apply through ClearanceJobs directly, or by email.

Candidates must be a registered candidate to apply to jobs through ClearanceJobs (or email), and as part of their registration, we ask them to identify their race, ethnicity, and gender on a confidential basis.




Of course, they can decline to designate. We will store their email address, the job number applied to, and the ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status data for at least two years – in confidence. This data will not be provided to you when you receive the application.

Upon request, ClearanceJobs can provide the name, email address, job numbers, ethnicity, gender, and Veteran status data if you show that you need such data for OFCCP compliance purposes.

In Closing
While ClearanceJobs is making these tools available to assist contractors in their compliance efforts, use of the ClearanceJobs tools does not automatically ensure compliance with the regulations. Please consult your own legal and/or compliance department for additional information on the OFCCP regulations, including changes to your internal recruiting workflows and processes that may be necessary to ensure compliance. Ultimately, government contractors have the obligation to comply with the OFCCP regulations.

The ClearanceJobs OFCCP product is available at an additional fee. Please contact your sales rep to learn more.

*Prior to 2006 it was NOT ClearanceJobs policy to collect race, ethnicity, and gender data from candidates, therefore, we don’t have this data for resumes posted prior to February 2006. ClearanceJobs maintains the race, ethnicity, and gender data in confidence, and such data will not be provided to you at the time of your search.



Which employers are affected by the new OFCCP rule?

Government contractors and subcontractors who are covered by Executive Order 11246.

I recruit for both government contractors and non-government contractors. Can I use the tools selectively depending on which client I am working for?

All customers who opt-in to the OFCCP tools have the option to use ClearanceJobs’ standard Quick or Advanced Resume Search engines, in addition to our Resume Retrievers. Searches using the standard resume search engines are not saved as OFCCP resume searches.

There are additional fees associated with the ClearanceJobs OFCCP product. Please contact your account representative for pricing information.