Security Clearance FAQs

For detailed information on security clearances read our comprehensive Security Clearance FAQsHave questions about your security clearance status (i.e. active, inactive, current)? Ask them on our ClearanceJobs Blog.


Common Candidate Registration Questions


Can I register on ClearanceJobs with an interim security clearance?

Yes. Candidates with interim security clearances of any level can join ClearanceJobs. Interim status should be noted in the Clearance Notes section of your ClearanceJobs profile. When your interim clearance becomes a final clearance, reference to this change should also be included in the Clearance Notes section of your ClearanceJobs profile. If a final clearance is not awarded and interim status is lost, candidates should contact us for removal.


My security clearance is approved (Current), but I have not been given a start date at my new job?

Candidates who have received final security clearance but have not yet started the job that requires the clearance are eligible to register on ClearanceJobs. Please include this in the Clearance Notes section of your ClearanceJobs profile.


Can I obtain a security clearance on my own?

No. You must be sponsored by a cleared contractor or a Government agency. To be sponsored you must be employed (or hired as a consultant) in a position that requires a clearance. As an exception, a candidate for employment may be submitted for a clearance if the employer has made an offer of employment and the candidate has accepted the offer. Both the offer and acceptance must be in writing. The offer of employment from a cleared contractor must indicate that employment will begin within 30 days of receiving the clearance:

Where do I find uncleared job opportunities?

For uncleared job opportunities, visit other niche focused career sites for: