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Give yourself the gift of time with ClearanceJobs Meetings. Say goodbye to the multiple emails scheduling a meeting can require and let us automate the process for you.

Your Mission: Meet with the perfect potential candidate.

Our Mission: Streamline the difficult process of scheduling meetings while increasing candidate response rates.

Avoid the typical back-and-forth required to schedule a time to chat with a prospective candidate by syncing your calendar with ClearanceJobs Meetings.

Once your calendar is synced, you can adjust your settings to create your own unique office hours that reflect your personal schedule. Then, give the reins to the candidate – they can view the times you are available and select what time slot works best for them.

Once they’ve selected their time, your calendar will automatically sync with the new meeting, and you get valuable minutes (or, hours) of your day back. Did ClearanceJobs just become your own personal assistant? Yes. Yes, we did.

Do you want to eliminate the candidate back and forth when scheduling meetings? Make every message count and create meaningful connections with cleared candidates.
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Sync your Office 365, Google, Exchange, or other calendar so your information seamlessly integrates with ClearanceJobs Meetings.



Create your office hours, and adjust the settings to give yourself much-needed buffer time between appointments.



Easily invite a candidate to view your calendar and select a meeting time that will work for both of you.