Finding Diversity Candidates

We offer a couple of simple ways to find and connect with diversity candidates.


Icons representing Cleared Network groups specifically for Wounded Warriors and armed forces veterans

Use Groups.
Our five dedicated veteran and wounded warrior groups make it easy to target veterans from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. Recruiters can broadcast hiring needs to the 25K+ group members, or connect directly one-to-one.


Use keywords.
Search our database with the keyword search feature, using words and phrases like “wounded warrior,” “10 points,” “30 percent” or “disabled.” Don’t forget to also include keywords that describe ideal candidates in your job postings as well.

Supporting veterans, wounded warriors, minorities and others with targeted disabilities…

Supporting veterans, wounded warriors and others with targeted disabilities is important to us, which is why we stay active in the cleared community—both online and offline.

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Partnerships. We’re able to offer a wider range of opportunities for veterans through partnerships with 10+ federal and military sites like and To reach diversity candidates, select jobs on our site receive exposure on,, and

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Community. Through education and outreach to 125 military Transition Assistance Programs, we help veterans make a smoother transition from military service to meaningful civilian roles.

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Philanthropy. We’re proud to be a fellowship sponsor with The Mission Continues, a military charity committed to empowering veterans through community service. The fellowship program has served more than 65 communities through 1,635 fellows and 1,048 nonprofits. Including our gold sponsorship of the Army Ten-Miler, our annual contributions to these and other veteran-outreach programs total $30,000.

A Word on OFCCP Compliance

If you are a federal contractor with more than $10,000 in government business, you need to be OFCCP compliant. ClearanceJobs makes it easy with our OFCCP Resource Center, which is packed full of information on how to create an OFCCP-friendly hiring program. Or, purchase our OFCCP Product, and we’ll handle it for you.