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Case Studies

Procession Systems


...when you use ClearanceJobs it’s so much easier to get in touch with the candidate. KYLE BLACKBURN PROCESSION SYSTEMS
Procession Systems is a full-service recruiting solutions firm filling cleared positions ranging from public trust to intelligence community and full-scope polygraph positions.


Current openings range from cybersecurity to engineering.

The Challenge

Because of the current job market and overall unemployment rate, cleared talent is incredibly difficult to find.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

In today’s highly competitive recruiting market it’s important to be able to pinpoint the right talent – the new features on ClearanceJobs are helping recruiters do just that.

 “I think ClearanceJobs is a lot more user friendly,” said Kyle Blackburn, senior director, Procession Systems. He noted it’s easier to see candidate information on ClearanceJobs. “For us, it really comes down to pinpointing the right person. We really like being able to send out messages to big groups of candidates, and reach out to candidates who are right for the job.”

But it doesn’t matter how many messages you send if you’re not able to make a personal connection. Blackburn said the features on ClearanceJobs give you both access to the right types of candidates, and the tools to make connections more easily.

“I don’t even think that it’s really close when you analyze the response rate you get on ClearanceJobs versus anywhere else, just because when you use ClearanceJobs it’s so much easier to get in touch with the candidate,” said Blackburn.

The relationship with ClearanceJobs feels more like a partnership, and in turn helps Procession Systems in their partnerships with their customers. Blackburn noted that if he encounters an issue, he usually gets a response within hours, if not minutes of his request.