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Case Studies



Jobs Unlimited has been very good for us. If we were limited in the number of jobs we could post, we'd have a big problem. DOUG LOSCHE DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM MANAGEMENT, VORTECHX
VORTECHX provides innovative IT solutions to the government.


VORTECHX has hiring needs across the country, with specific needs in Arizona, Maryland, Georgia and Kansas.

The Challenge

VORTECHX is a subcontractor who also bids on prime contracts. That means they need to scale up quickly when a new contract award comes through. "We have a lot of opportunities that come up where whoever comes to the table with the right candidates gets the position," said Doug Losche, director of program management at VORTECHX Applied Technologies.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Losche has been using ClearanceJobs for four years. Through that time he has gone from simply posting jobs and waiting for candidates to contact him, to proactively building his pipeline of talent. That’s where Jobs Unlimited is a major advantage.

“We wouldn’t be able to build pipelines for jobs that are contingent upon award with a limited stack of jobs,” said Losche. “We’d have more difficulty in capturing candidates and sourcing candidates for positions.”

He explains a recent large contract that could come with two task orders to fill 40-50 positions. Without ClearanceJobs, he wouldn’t be able to pipeline talent into those positions, and his company wouldn’t be able to quickly scale up when it needed to.

“I prefer Jobs Unlimited now that we’ve used it because it just opens up possibilities for us,” said Losche. “We can work on more jobs at a time, which increases our chance of landing something. It’s like baseball, the more swings you take, the more hits you’ll eventually get, and the unlimited Jobs package allows us to do that.”

Thanks to ClearanceJobs, Losche doesn’t just build a pipeline of top talent, but he’s able to keep in touch with them. Losche appreciates the multiple features allowing him to keep tabs on candidates, especially the targeted broadcast messaging. 

“When I see someone who I think might be a fit for a job, regardless of whether they apply for that position, I’ll just click that connect button and add them to my network,” said Losche.

In a competitive cleared contracting environment, the employer with the right talent at the right time wins.