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Annual Golden Squirrel Awards

Recognizing recruiters who put in maximum effort and reach for the highest degree of excellence in their efforts.

The Annual ClearanceJobs Golden Squirrel Awards™

How do you reward busy recruiters who squirrel away their little nuts, day after day… week after week… diligently searching through the forests and landscapes of the ClearanceJobs world to find, connect, and engage with the highly sought-after cleared candidate? Recruiters who take pride in cracking nuts and taking names?

With the highest honor of all – the ClearanceJobs Golden Squirrel Award™.

By using all the features of ClearanceJobs – and using them with great skill and tenacity – these recruiters exemplify all the characteristics of the word “BEST.” They demonstrate maximum effort, and the greatest degree of excellence – surpassing all other recruiters in their efforts.

Congratulations Golden Squirrels. You make us proud.


small direct hire firm

Matt Campell_2.45x2.45

best recruiter

In 2019, Matt Campbell, GS5, LLC, now Vickers Nolan Enterprises, made 5,699 connections, viewed an incredible 20,211 resumes, and received 6,849 profile views. Unbelievable Matt!

Chiara Amos

Honorable Mention

Chiara Amos with SHR Consulting Group made 1,901 connections, viewed 7,713 resumes and received 12,900 profile views. Congrats Chiara!

mid-size direct hire firm

Paul O'Brien

Best Recruiter

Paul O’Brien with The Buffalo Group gathered 1,315 connections, viewed 16,723 resumes, and candidates viewed his profile 12,471 times! Outstanding Paul!

Mitch Winter

Honorable Mention

Mitch Winter of Acclaim Technical Services also had a big year, making 821 connections, viewing 13,500 resumes, and receiving 6,629 views to his profile. Not too shabby Mitch!

large, direct hire firm

Tim Minnick

Best Recruiter

Tim Minnick at Zenetex surpassed all other recruiters from large direct hire firms last year, collecting 1,446 connections, viewing 8,931 candidate profiles, and receiving 9,601 views to his recruiter profile. That's incredible work Tim!

Ricardo Munoz

Honorable Mention

Ricardo Munoz at Alion Science and Technology Corporation was productive as well, connecting with 7,832 candidates, reviewing 6,179 resumes, and receiving a quite astonishing 19,385 profile views (!). All eyes on Ricardo!

staffing firms

Debbie Pada

Best Recruiter

Debbie Peda runs a small (but mighty) staffing firm, The Josef Group, and last year she collected 4,012 connections, reviewed an insane number of resumes – 27,855, and received 3,943 profile views from candidates. Outstanding Debbie!

Jose Ramirez

Honorable Mention

Jose Ramirez at Entegee had a big year too, gathering 2,541 connections, and viewing a very impressive 9,299 resumes. Amazing work Jose!

"Hmmm… how can I win?"

You’re probably asking yourself – how do I win? How can I get one of those shiny, golden, elegant squirrel statues on my desk? It’s easy – simply use all the tools of ClearanceJobs, and trust that we will be watching.

At the end of each year, we’ll pull the following metrics for each ClearanceJobs user: number of connections; number of direct messages; number of resumes viewed; and number of profile views received. Those numbers are ranked and combined to determine the top two most active, savvy recruiters in the following categories: Small Direct Hire Firm (<100 employees); Mid-Sized Direct Hire Firm (101-1k employees); Large Direct Hire Firm (>1k employees); and Staffing Firms.

You too can achieve greatness, the envy of your peers, and bragging rights on social media.


If you’re wondering whether we’re really registering the “Annual ClearanceJobs Golden Squirrel Awards” phrase for a trademark… No. We are not. The TM symbol actually has no legal meaning. Feel free to copy this idea in your marketing programs. :-)