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Case Studies

American Systems


ClearanceJobs has a lot more functionality, especially when it comes to searching...the system does a lot of the thinking for you - it does a lot of the leg work. MATTHEW FOX TECHNICAL RECRUITER, AMERICAN SYSTEMS
American Systems delivers end-to-end IT engineering lifecycle services for complex national priority programs.


American Systems is looking for cybersecurity analysts, DevOps programmers, information security specialists, and network engineers.

The Challenge

American Systems was finding it difficult to find qualified candidates who have the required clearance and the experience needed for their open positions.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

"I like using ClearanceJobs as a go-to resource because we know that the candidates are cleared, and in our market, that's one of the toughest things to find is qualified candidates who have the clearance and are at the level that we need them to be. So having that already where we know where we're going the candidates have that, is a great thing for us," said Matthew.

American Systems has found success using ClearanceJobs Workflows. Matthew mentions, "I'm always tweaking my Workflows. Because having the ability to connect with a candidate and interact with a candidate immediately once you found that they hit your parameters and whether they're new to the database or they've made an update or any sort of change, being able to get in front of them immediately is such a huge benefit because it's such a competitive market."

When I wake up in the morning and I have an alert that my Workflow found somebody, I'm like, "Sweet."

"ClearanceJobs has lot more functionality, especially when it comes to searching. Having the ability to do an IntelliSearch or a Boolean string search, or combining them, makes it really easy to where the system does a lot of thinking for you. So it does a lot of the legwork to find somebody without you having to necessarily type out a super long string of search terms. But you have that functionality if you know exactly what you're looking for and can pare that down. Having that ability to use the IntelliSearch function, in particular, I think is something that is an added benefit versus a lot of other resources that we normally use that don't have something like that," says Matthew.