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Case Studies

S4 Inc.


The other platforms don't do this. JANINE HUNTER VICE PRESIDENT OF RECRUITING, S4 INC.
S4 Inc. specializes in providing Enterprise Information Technology (IT) Solutions, Cybersecurity and Professional Services to US Government, Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) customers.


Openings include intelligence analysts, cyber engineers, IT security specialists, JEMSO analysts, and network administrators.

The Challenge

Aside from industry challenges like convincing candidates to relocate to more rural areas and pricing to win causing recruiters to staff for lower salaries, recruiting for joint forces contracts proves to be an issue. Janine Hunter’s role at S4 Inc. is to recruit for these large, funded efforts, including a joint forces contract at Nellis AFB, NV. “Because this is this is a joint forces contract that includes all branches of the military, when you're trying to bring Navy veterans into the desert, most of the time they don't want to go. Usually, they like the water and there's not a whole lot of it out in Nellis.” In addition to these challenges, finding candidates who are active and engaged in the job search at the right time seems like a shot in the dark – once they are ready and update their resume online, another company has already recruited them.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Hunter notes, “Pricing to win has been a huge struggle for us, and what we have seen for the small business is these contracts have pushed down the salaries while the cost of living as a whole is going up.”

ClearanceJobs makes recruiting a simpler and faster process by adding in search parameters like ‘willing to relocate’ and allowing candidates to choose set salary expectations or ranges. “The other platforms don't do this,” Hunter says. “For us, it's a big plus because we can see whether it's going to be a waste of our time or not fairly quickly.”

S4 Inc.’s most successful way to recruit currently is to look across the United States and across the globe for candidates. They hire many employees residing in OCONUS locations, and ClearanceJobs makes it easy to target the right candidates.

“I do love that Workflow tool. It worked for us almost immediately once we started using it for this FSO position that we were trying to hire for probably for 8-9 months in Boston, MA.” The challenge with the role was the salary and the small pool of FSOs in any given area that are looking to leave. S4 Inc. set a Workflow to notify their recruiters and send a message when FSOs in certain areas updated their resume. Of the three notifications the team received, two were a qualified match on skills and salary requirements, and of those two, they extended an offer that was accepted by the candidate.

Ironically, the candidate they hired was not an unfamiliar one. Hunter had reached out four times about the role over the last 8-9 months with no response, because the candidate wasn’t actively in the job search. After the candidate was laid off unexpectedly, they updated their profile on ClearanceJobs, which triggered the Workflow, allowing S4 Inc. to be the first company to reach out about a new role.