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Case Studies

Avantus Federal


It's not just a job board. It's a place you can go to learn, solve problems, meet other people. MATTHEW SCOTT SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, AVANTUS FEDERAL
We act with agility to enable our government partners to function more efficiently, and we build durable relationships with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their current — and future — missions.


Avantus Federal, who has been acquired by Qinetiq, is seeking candidates in information technlogy, operations data analytics, and engineering, among many others.

The Challenge

Avantus Federal has an abundance of cleared positions to fill and needs to be able to trust that candidates are eligible to both do the work, and can discuss the work Advantus needs completed.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Avantus Federal finds that ClearanceJobs is "one of the foundational resources you have to have in this community. It is difficult in this community to find folks who are qualified to do the work. There are so many jobs, so many more than we can possibly fill, so any help we can get from platforms like ClearanceJobs is just incredible. Without it, you're just guessing, 'are these people eligible to do this kind of work, is it safe to talk about people about this kind of work?' - it just makes life easier," says Matthew Scott, Senior Vice President.

Avantus partners with the INSA and ClearanceJobs to put on events discussing the future of the IC workforce each year. Scott finds that to be incredibly valuable, especially since no one else is doing it. Scott explains, "it's not just a platform, they really invest in the community. One of the ways they invest in the communities with us is making sure we talk about not just challenges but opportunities out there, and working as a team in the community to fix some of those challenges, like the clearance process, how do we find more diverse candidates, how do we make it easier for folks to move around within the community. Those conversations don't necessarily happen unless someone in industry like ClearanceJobs steps up and says hey, we're going to host this event or we're going to facilitate this discussion and there's just a ton of value there that I don't think otherwise would be realized."

"ClearanceJobs is not just a platform, its generating content. You can go to the website and you can learn about the community, learn about the processes, learn about how you get into it - no one else is doing that, right? It's not just a job board. It's a place you can go to learn, solve problems, meet other people," concludes Scott.