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Case Studies

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority


It's a great partnership and it brings huge value to our companies. MICHAEL BATT VICE PRESIDENT, TALENT PROGRAM, FAIRFAX COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority exists to help businesses start, expand or relocate in Fairfax County.


Fairfax County Economic Development Authority is very focused on retaining and upscaling talent within the northern Virginia region.

The Challenge

Finding and engaging with professionals who hold a security clearance.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Michael Batt has become familiar with ClearanceJobs over the last two years while working for Fairfax County Economic Development Authority. One of the organization's biggest challenges and focuses is retaining cleared talent in the DC area, and bringing talent to the area.

Batt explains, "It's difficult to find those with security clearances and engaging with those with security clearances. Partnering and aligning with ClearanceJobs.com has made it much easier to maneuver through all of those obstacles and engage with the cleared community. The value that ClearanceJobs.com has to the cleared space are many. It's really helping the federal government meet our obligations and all of our duties that we have across the U.S. and the globe for our security. Helping connect all of our hiring companies who are subcontractors with the federal government with secured talent is key to our homeland security for the United States of America."

There are over 130,000 cleared positions needed in Northern Virginia. About half of those are in Fairfax county, and the number one certification required is a security clearance. "There's just a huge demand here in Northern Virginia," says Batt. "It's a great partnership having all of the tools ClearanceJobs.com has for our companies, the recruiters within our companies. So it's a great partnership and it brings huge value to our companies. It helps connect talent to our companies."