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Case Studies

Intelligent Decision Systems


ClearanceJobs makes it easy to connect, when the world around us makes it really hard to. PEGGY RECRUITER, INTELLIGENT DECISION SYSTEMS INC.
Intelligent Decision Systems Inc. provides content solutions and data development for federal customers.


UX Developer, Data Scientist, Modeling & Simulations Specialist, Full Stack Developer & Instructional Systems Designer

The Challenge

In a tight candidate market, it’s hard for your recruiting message to get to the right candidates.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

“I’ve connected with candidates within minutes of them joining the site,” noted IDSI recruiter Peggy, who has recently made multiple hires thanks to smart use of the ClearanceJobs platform.

Peggy noted she typically logs into the site multiple times a day – and pays close attention to candidates who have shown interest in job openings, from those who have applied, to those who have simply ‘liked’ her posted job listings. As a bonus, she also gets alerts from the site to let her know when a candidate has engaged with her content.

Did you know? Pulse, the newest feature launch of the ClearanceJobs NextGen platform, puts your most recent job listings, status messages, and other profile activity directly in front of career minded candidates. The more quality posts and activity you generate, the more possible engagements from great cleared candidates.

“I connected with someone within minutes of them joining the site. He was in Afghanistan, and we immediately began using the instant messaging function,” said Peggy. “I got his resume, reviewed it, and showed it to the hiring manager - all within about 20 minutes. He had his first interview within 20 hours, we made the offer the next day, and he accepted the position.”

In this candidate market, speed is absolutely a factor. And being the first recruiter to reach back to a candidate may make the difference between them accepting your offer – or ignoring it.

“Persistent messages are really easy to do on the site, and I don’t feel like I’m stalking candidates,” said Peggy.


A Better Choice for Cleared Candidates

As he prepared to transition out of the military, Richard Garcia created career profiles on multiple sites, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, USAJobs, and other niche job boards for veterans.

“What I started to notice was a lot of these job sites were more or less geared for people who were getting out of the military with less than 10 years, or who didn’t have degrees,” said Garcia. “Indeed, ZipRecruiter – they’re massive job sites, and they’re being overwhelmed with resumes. Even when I aggressively applied, I didn’t get jobs. I got more phone calls, and more messages through ClearanceJobs than any of the other ones.”

Just as Peggy takes advantage of site alerts to stay on top of candidate activity, Garcia set up job alerts so he could get the best fit job opportunities delivered to his inbox. Garcia found communicating with recruiters to be easier than with other platforms.

 “When you say you’re interested in a position, you can tell if someone has reviewed your interest,” said Garcia. Unlike other career sites, and particularly USA Jobs, which can seem like a black hole of communication, Garcia was able to reach out and direct message recruiters who had posted a specific job listing.

“I got more feedback from companies and recruiters,” said Garcia.

Thanks to the ClearanceJobs platform, Garcia found a great cleared job – with IDSI – while he was still on terminal leave with the Army.


ClearanceJobs – Making It Easier to Connect

Today’s recruiting market is extremely difficult. But both candidates and recruiters often site the same pain point – difficulty connecting. In this case, Garcia was applying for jobs on other job boards and getting no recruiter feedback. In contrast, all he had to do was indicate interest in a position, and ClearanceJobs delivered up both the candidate, and an easy mechanism for communication for the recruiter – whether it’s a like, a chat message, or a Voice session.

 Peggy’s recent hire of a veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan was facilitated by the ClearanceJobs chat function. When Peggy sees that a candidate has connected with her content – and is currently online – she immediately reaches out with Chat.

“ClearanceJobs was our primary way to communicate – I like the [chat] feature a lot,” noted Peggy. “It made it easy, and it was a private conversation.”

 While Peggy has had great success with the site, the job still isn’t easy – it requires a commitment to doing the work of making connections and building relationships. Fortunately, it’s the kind of work she’s passionate about.

“My main goal is just to connect, and then stay connected,” said Peggy. “ClearanceJobs gives me the opportunity to connect, when the world around us makes it really hard to.”