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Case Studies



The relationship between GDIT and ClearanceJobs is critical. LISA REIDY VICE PRESIDENT FOR SECURITY, GDIT
We combine an in-depth understanding of the technology landscape with mission knowledge to enhance our clients' operations.


Openings include systems administrators, video teleconferencing technicians, engineers, training specialists, help desk, and analysts.

The Challenge

GDIT is always seeking cleared talent, and needs a resource to keep cleared professionals educated on the cleared industry, as well as their internal team.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Lisa Reidy and her team are well-acquainted with ClearanceJobs and the benefits it can provide. She explains, "our recruiters have been fans of ClearanceJobs for quite some time. The relationship between GDIT and ClearanceJobs is critical. What we love the best is to be able to share information and also to be able to learn from one another, in our industry, with ClearanceJobs, and to find innovative ways to find the right people for the right jobs."

Reidy continues, "ClearanceJobs has been really helpful to security, and to my role, because they are an organization who really likes to educate the population about clearances, about security. The more employees and individuals who might be employees know, the better off we all are. ClearanceJobs does a lot to educate people on what it means to get a clearance, how to get a clearance, and if there are issues in your past, how to mitigate them so that you can still be a part of the cleared workforce, and I think that is so relevant, and it's so helpful."

GDIT is constantly trying to find a cleared and diverse workforce, and new talent is critical to achieving that goal - but education is key. Reidy explains, "any time you have an organization who really works to educate people, and to put information out there that you can't go wrong. It is an organization you want to be a part of."