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Case Studies

ICI Services Corporation


We like how we can save candidates and tag them for specific future needs….for the long game, ClearanceJobs is the way to go. GRANT ROSS CORPORATE FACILITY SECURITY OFFICER, ICI SERVICES CORPORATION
ICI Services is a premier provider of quality engineering, management, and logistics services to our US Military and Department of Homeland Security customers.


ICI Services is seeking engineers, analysts, logisticians, technicians, and information technology specialists.

The Challenge

Finding the right candidates with the right clearance, before getting to far into the hiring process.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

Cleared recruiting is all about getting the right talent and protecting our nation’s secrets. It’s critical to have access to cleared talent in order to make timely hires. Whether sourcing for current openings or planning for future opportunities, ClearanceJobs serves up capabilities to meet all the cleared recruiting needs. No one wants to waste time in the hiring process. ICI Services Corporation’s Corporate Facility Officer, Grant Ross says that other platforms don’t have key capabilities needed for recruiting in national security. Ross says ClearanceJobs saves his company from getting through the hiring process only to discover a candidate doesn’t have a security clearance. ClearanceJobs is the solution that keeps security and recruiting working closely together.