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Case Studies

Sotera Defense Solutions


ClearanceJobs is superior in the quality of candidates, and in the ease of use. There’s a lot of functionality that you don’t see other places. SAM CRIBBS RESOURCE MANAGER, SOTERA DEFENSE SOLUTIONS
Sotera Defense Solutions, acquired by KeyW Corp., is a national security information technology company that provides critical support to the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.

Company Mission

Positions at Sotera require innovation, but also integrity. Candidates often need a security clearance and always need to be at the top of their field.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

“ClearanceJobs is superior in the quality of candidates, and in the ease of use,” said Sam Cribbs, Sotera Defense Solutions. “There is a lot of functionality that you don’t see other places.”

Cribbs noted that candidate profiles are a big advantage in scanning resumes. “The visual stimuli make it very easy to see things up front,” he noted.

Social recruiting is the new norm in hiring, but with security-cleared candidates, open platforms aren’t necessarily a great solution. ClearanceJobs takes the best features of a traditional job board along with the engagement and interaction of a social network. All of the candidates are security-cleared professionals, and they trust ClearanceJobs because they know their information is safe. It’s what makes the ClearanceJobs different.

“Combining those two functionalities [a traditional job board and social networking features] and having a smaller network of only the people that you’re looking for is a differentiating factor,” said Cribbs.

“It’s totally different than other social recruiting platforms, in that, if you use a traditional Twitter, Facebook, or something like that, that’s more widely dispersed, a shotgun approach - that’s not going to target your cleared personnel,” said Cribbs.