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Sourcing Concierge

Get the most qualified security-cleared candidates delivered right to your door. We will launch a media campaign, identify and screen candidates and communicate with applicants for you. Once we’ve identified and verified your top candidates, we’ll send them to you. All that’s left for you to do is interview and hire. Learn more.

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Applies to federal contractors with more than $10,000 in government business. As a baseline, it requires federal contractors to take affirmative action to hire qualified veterans, disabled workers and minorities. ClearanceJobs offers tracking on your account to ensure you stay within OFCCP regulations. For more details, visit here.


Site Advertising

ClearanceJobs offers a number of advertising options beyond job postings, including display banner ads, newsletter sponsorships, targeted emails, and native advertising opportunities to provide greater opportunity to deliver your recruitment message. View advertising options.


Career Events

Exhibit at recruiting events that meet your specific needs. Choose from in-person career fairs, virtual career fairs, private virtual open houses and private in-person open houses. Learn more.

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Enhance your job posting(s) with images, rich content, and branding. Learn how.

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Promote your employer brand using social data to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. For more details, visit here.