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Case Studies



It's the number one site if you're looking for cleared individuals due to the sheer number of people that ClearanceJobs has interaction with. JESSICA MATHIAS DIRECTOR OF TALENT & ACQUISTION, CORE4CE
Core4ce is a team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, and cyber experts who work with the federal government to counter global adversaries.


Current openings include cloud architects, data scientists, software engineers, and network engineers.

The Challenge

Core4ce is constantly on the lookout for cleared talent, and needed to find a tool that made it easy to connect and interact with qualified cleared individuals.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

"It's the #1 job site that everyone knows about for cleared jobs. People coming out of the military know about ClearanceJobs. The site is much more interactive with the candidate, it gives the candidate an experience and a platform for additional information instead of just a job," said Jessica Mathias, Director of Talent & Acquisition for Core4ce.

"With the ClearanceJobs format, it's really easy to connect with a candidate, whether it's direct messaging, whether it's emails, you verify phone numbers...so I know that I am going to get in touch with a candidate one way or another." The ease of use of the ClearanceJobs platform is something Core4ce appreciates, not only when it comes to connecting with candidates, but also in the way the platform works for both recruiters and candidates.

Jessica also states, "ClearanceJobs does everything it can for not only the candidate experience, but for the employer experience as well, to help us match up together to really find the best jobs and the best fit for people." 

ClearanceJobs is proud to be partnering with both cleared recruiters and candidates to find the best matches for open cleared positions.