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Case Studies

Independent Contractor


If you need cleared people, you've got to get ClearanceJobs. JAN JOHNSTON OSBURN

The Challenge

Because of the current job market and overall unemployment rate, cleared talent is incredibly difficult to find.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

“If you’re looking for cleared people, you have to have a way to target your search,” said Jan Johnston Osburn, a career coach and consultant who has also worked as the director of talent acquisition at companies focused on hiring cleared talent. “ClearanceJobs is really the only answer for me.

Osburn noted that recruiters can start seeing success with ClearanceJobs day one, because of the ease of use. The ability to see important information, including salary and clearance details, makes finding candidates much quicker.

“I tell people all the time – if you need cleared people, you’ve got to get ClearanceJobs,” said Osburn. "That’s period. Bottom Line. So, get it!”