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Case Studies



Pay attention to the services you're [ClearanceJobs is] bringing on line. They are compelling, and they have proved useful, and produced results. JD WILLIAMS DIRECTOR, TALENT ACQUISITION, GDIT
GDIT supports some of the most complex government, defense, and intelligence projects across the country.


GDIT is currently hiring for Windows systems administrators, field service technicians, web developers, and VTC technicians.

The Challenge

GDIT needs a reliable, useful, and innovative source for cleared candidates on a consistent basis.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

When asked why he uses ClearanceJobs, JD stated, "It continues to produce results for us, and we continue to go back to it. We go to ClearanceJobs for the market segmentation and your specialization. GDIT obviously has worked in variations of classification levels all across the IEC and the Department of Defense. And so, for that reason, we leverage the tools inside of Clearance Jobs to reach those target segmentations, that talent."

"The user interface jumps out at me; how you all have evolved. The user interface and the user, the ease of use for the recruiters to navigate your products, and how you communicate to the candidates on the other side of your database stand out to me," says JD.

"For any organization thinking about leveraging ClearanceJobs, I would encourage those folks to pay attention to the services that you're bringing online. They are compelling, and they have proved useful, and produced results for us."