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Case Studies

Mount Indie


Without ClearanceJobs, I don't know where we would be finding these people. TOM WEINERT FOUNDER, MOUNT INDIE
Mount Indie was founded to bring big business talent acquisition strategy to small and large government contracting organizations.


Current openings include software developers, systems engineers, network engineers, and web developers.

The Challenge

Finding quality, cleared, candidates that are open to interacting.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

When Tommy started recruiting in 2008, ClearanceJobs was the first tool he used. 

"The data is phenomenal. And what I mean by data is the candidate resumes. They're obviously very relevant. Very seldom have I ever come across a candidate that doesn't have a clearance. In the other systems we've had that, we've got a problem with that, but we don't at ClearanceJobs. And the community that uses it are just way more open to interacting. And they're kind of used to speaking the same language that we speak and we definitely have a higher response rate from ClearanceJobs candidates," says Tommy.

"At least 75% of our candidates come from ClearanceJobs."

When asked about his favorite feature, Tommy replied, "I love the IntelliSearch feature because that's a feature a lot of different resume products have been trying to crack the nut on. And I really liked the ClearanceJobs' IntelliSearch. I think it's very, very accurate. And I love how you can also do Boolean with the IntelliSearch."

"From a user interface standpoint, it's very easy to use. The quality of ClearanceJobs just helped us continue to fill our jobs, which, I mean, that's why we're in business, and without ClearanceJobs, I don't know where we would be finding these people. So, it's critical to our success."