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Case Studies



For new recruiters, ClearanceJobs has allowed our employees to have an impact on day one. MARIA STOCKLI RECRUITER, SMARTRONIX
Smartronix is an information technology and engineering solutions provider headquartered in Maryland.

The Challenge

Because of the complexity of the cleared recruiting space, it can be difficult for recruiters to hit the ground running and find the right candidates with the right skills.

How ClearanceJobs Helps

“I use ClearanceJobs for everything,” said Maria Whitney, senior recruiter at Smartronix.

“When I came to my current employer, I knew that I would only accept the position if I brought ClearanceJobs as a resource with me. I knew that I was jumping into a position where 90% of the jobs were cleared, and there was no other resource that I was going to be successful with besides ClearanceJobs.”

Whitney finds success by taking advantage of all of the features ClearanceJobs offers, from Message, to Groups. Her favorite feature is one that not only helps her have success as a recruiter, but as a recruiting manager.

“IntelliSearch allows us to bring on a new recruiter and have them hit the ground running,” said Whitney. “They’re able to take the work that we’ve built through the job description, plug it into ClearanceJobs and find candidates right away. For new recruiters, ClearanceJobs has allowed our employees to have an impact on day one.”

Smartronix uses ClearanceJobs to make immediate hires, but also to build its talent pipeline. Tags allow them to flag candidates they want to reach out to in the future. Quality of candidates – and the accuracy of candidate information – is crucial when the majority of your hires require active federal clearance.

“We know that when we log-in they’re real people, they’re active, they want jobs, and they’ve been updating their profiles,” said Whitney.

Groups on ClearanceJobs help Whitney identify not just the specific candidate she’s looking for, but how her company can help them fulfill their career needs. She recently made a hire through Groups by targeting a candidate who was looking to relocate to the East Coast.

ClearanceJobs helps Whitney take advantage of the full security clearance marketplace, not just hiring for needs today, but helping build connections with candidates for the future.